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Take Your Motorsports Venue and Events to the Next Level with Chris Kneifel

When planning your motorsports event, there are many factors to be considered for the safety and enjoyment of your attendees and racers. Chris Kneifel brings with him decades of experience working around the world and providing motorsports consulting and safety engineering for tracks and circuits. His services also include marketing for events, which will put your name on the lips of racing fans everywhere .

Motorsports Consulting Services

With Chris's motorsports consulting services, you can create a racing arena that is sure to maximize the exictement at your event. His knowledge encompasses everything from setting up the grandstand to CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drawings for designing the track and circuit, as well as managing your racing event from setup to finish. Services he provides include:

Ron Burton 2001 Rolex 24 Daytona Painting

• Grandstand Placement & Setup
• FIA & Sanctioning Body Requirements
• Temporary Track & Circuits
• Site Layout & Logistics
• CAD Drawings
• Contractor Selection & Supervision
• TV, Media Center, & SCCA/Volunteer Facilities
• Track & Circuit Design
• Physical Track Construction
• Racing Event Management
• Medical Facilities
• Heavy Equipment Acquisition
• After-Event Load-Out
• Special Labor Requirements
• High-Tech Surface Preparation
• Gates & Barriers Delivery & Installation
• Pit Row & Paddock Assembly
• Signage & Banners Ordering & Installation
• Security Features
• Innovative Safety Systems build into Track Design

Planning, organizing, and managing the people in an organization is just as important as building the physical structures. Chris's racing event management services include:

• Emergency Response Planning
• Fire Department Coordination
• Budget Planning & Control
• Critical Path Management
• Risk Assessment & Control

Safety Engineering

Safety is a crucial part of any public event. Chris Kneifel understands the importance of coordinating safety services with on-site safety features. This includes:

• Emergency Response Planning
• Fire Department Coordination
• First Aid Planning for Attendees, Drivers, & Pit Crews • Physical Security
• Multi-Agency Tabletop Exercises

Chris and his team will also take care of critical, required services necessary to run your racing event and keep all of your attendees safe and happy. These include:

• Water & Power
• Fire & Police
• Security
• Equipment Rental
• Waste Removal
• Licensing & Permits
• Contract Labor for Temporary Events